November 16, 2017
By User

No bank necessary. 15% down.
3.45% financing arranged by developer.*

Condos start at $475K

Average condo price is $690K

Duplex Penthouses are available at $1.48M

No bank necessary. 15% down.

  • 3.45% Financing arranged by developer

About Pacific Park Financing:
  • The developers of Pacific Park are financially secure and have set aside special financing for buyers that does not require a bank.
  • This allows for significantly below bank market rates, making Pacific Park and even greater value and easier to deal with.
  • The 3.45% introductory financing requires a 2-year management contract of approximately $200 a month. After the 2-years the financing rate increases to approximately 8.9% (to be determined before contract signing) still below Costa Rica bank market rates
  • A 6.9% introductory financing rate is available without a 2-year management contract. After 2-year introductory rate the financing rate increases to approximately 8.9% (to be determined before contract signing) still below Costa Rica bank market rates
  • Buyers can of course provide their own financing with their own bank from any country

About 2-Year Management Contract:

  • The 2-year management contract is appropriate for buyers who wish to live in their condo 4-months of the year and have Pacific Park manage the rental of the condo the remaining 8 months of the year.
  • Owners choose their time first and can pick non-consecutive weeks.
  • Rental income pays the 3.45% mortgage difference (from financing without management contract), condos fees and costs. The remaining rental income goes to the owner.
  • Regardless of rental income, buyers are guaranteed the 3.45% financing rate for 2-years.
  • After the 2-years, owners have the option to sign a new management contract (pending approval of the new condo owner board, which will be made up of owners like yourself).

Tax Advantages:

Costa Rica offers tremendous tax advantages to the foreign buyer:

  • No capital gains on your property
  • Extraordinarily low property taxes
  • Full titled ownership for foreigners
  • Costa Rican corporation provided for each buyer
  • No worldwide taxation of profits
  • Free trade agreement with United States and Canada (what is main benefit)

Added Value:

  • Over the past twenty years, Costa Rica has offered investors extraordinary appreciation.
  • Last year Costa Rica was among the top three investment destinations in the world, and it is getting more popular every day.
  • The opening of the Liberia International Airport has rocketed Guanacaste into first place for investors, retirees, and second home owners seeking property in Costa Rica.
  • There is no surprise; the unique geography, climate, and political conditions here are ideal for investors from all over the world.

Rental Services:

  • Guanacaste has become an extremely hot choice for travelers the world over, especially Tamarindo.
  • There is actually a shortage of hotel rooms in the area, creating a tremendous demand for accommodations.
  • Sophisticated vacationers have realized they get more value for their money when they rent fully furnished condominiums in a premium project like Pacific Park.
  • Pacific Park provides a full-service Rental Management Program for its owners, allowing them to make additional income while they are not in residence. This opportunity further adds to the value of an already appreciating asset.
  • We'll keep your apartment clean and even stock your refrigerator before you arrive.