Premium Commercial Spaces

November 16, 2017
By User

Anyone who knows Tamarindo, knows the first floor of Pacific Park is ideal for commercial space.

Simply, Pacific Park has the highest visibility, greatest amount of foot traffic and drive-by traffic of any location in Tamarindo.

Pacific Park is the center of Tamarindo. Located at the main intersection of Tamarindo and the main road to prestigious Langosta Beach in Tamarindo.

Types of Businesses that Pacific Park is Actively Considering

There are eight commercial retail spaces available.

With Pacific Park, we've created a New York Luxury Condo and put it on the beach in Costa Rica. We are considering businesses that would match this sophisticated vision.

Businesses that would do well at this location include:

  • Banks
  • Clothing boutiques
  • Jewelry stores
  • Travel Agencies
  • Business Centers
  • Spa
  • High-End Tours
  • Boat rental
  • Law Firm branch office
  • Newspaper branch office
  • Accounting, Financial Planning
  • Insurance branch office

We are considering an appropriate mix of these businesses to round out the 8 available commercial locations.

Seeking a High End Restaurant

We are interested in a high-end restaurant to combine spaces 7 and 8 for a total of 155 square meters or 1643 square feet. This space is ideal to serve the diverse international community of Tamarindo.

The restaurant would also have rights to service the pool, urban park, and rancho areas of Pacific Park. Additionally, the restaurant would have separate entrances both pool side and street side.

This is an extremely rare, attractive opportunity as the custom pool and urban park will enhance perception of the restaurant. The restaurant would also be a natural fit to serve the dining needs of the people living in the 34 luxury condos of Pacific Park.

Highest Quality Construction

The construction, handled by Proycon, is of the highest quality. Proycon is consistently rated one of the Top 5 construction companies in Costa Rica. They are also working on the big Forum II project where HP is moving.